Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Exploderende olietreinen in de VS

Exploderende olietreinen in de VS 

(Exploding oil trains in the US)

Published on Jul 12, 2014
Door de toegang tot schalie-olie is er in de VS in twintig jaar nog nooit zóveel olie naar boven gepompt. Maar die olierevolutie brengt een onverwacht gevaar met zich mee, dat zou kunnen leiden tot een catastrofe.

((From Google translate... "By accessing shale oil in the U.S. in twenty years never so much oil pumped up. But the oil revolution brings an unexpected danger with it that might lead to a catastrophe"))

Loosely translated:
There has been a major increase in the extraction of shale oil in the US, more than in the previous 20 years. This ‘oil revolution’, however, causes unexpected danger, which coul
d have a catastrophic outcome. In three years, there has been a tenfold increase in train incidents with highly inflammable oil. Because of new extraction techniques in North Dakota more oil is being extracted than ever. The number of trains transporting this oil has increased twenty-fold. The railways and bridges are poorly maintained and cannot cope with this increase. Therefore people fear that a catastrophe is waiting to happen, just like last years’ accident in Canada with an oil train which blew up half a city center and caused the death of 47 people. The US National Transportation Safety board advices these old trains to be replaced by tanks with thicker steel holds and stress that these transport should avoid villages and cities. Although all agree that these transports as they are carried out at the moment are a major threat, the necessary changes in legislation have not been made yet and transports are still being carried out, straight through populated areas.

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