Monday, June 16, 2014

Another one in the ditch

Buhl Alabama, June 16, 2014
A train carrying tank cars filled with Light Fuel Oil, Hazmat # 1993 derailed this afternoon with no explosions, no fire balls, no injuries. It was NOT Bakken Crude.

Due to a camera malfunction the photos were not that great at the scene but I was able to capture the incident fairly well. What is more important to me than the wreck is why the wreck happened. I took time to drive across every railroad crossing along  the path.

Rotten cross ties,  missing rail plates, dips and waves in the tracks that were quite scary since I had video taped a Bakken Crude train on these very tracks not too long ago. This line is in very bad condition and was probably the cause of the wreck. It should be mentioned that this is the route that was used as an alternate route for Bakken crude bomb trains after the Aliceville Alabama explosion.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself what is right outside most neighborhoods across America.

Rotten cross ties

Wavy tracks

Sagging tracks

Oil stain on tacks

Cross ties completely rotted away

Gaps under spacers

The wreck site

1993 hazmat placards (light fuel oil)

DOT - 111 cars

I saw no sign of spillage yet


  1. How were you able to get so close to the tank cars?

    1. Thank you for being there to take photos. Photos are the truth to power of the potential nightmares which can and will occur.

    2. Asked permission and walked through the woods off of the right-of way.

  2. We don't no stinkin' government oversight do we!!!!!??????


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