Monday, March 3, 2014

Aliceville Alabama Train Wreck Site 4 month update

Aliceville Alabama Train Wreck Site 4 month update.

A train carrying Bakken Crude derailed just outside Aliceville Alabama on Nov. 8, 2013. This video and subsequent photos were taken and edited 03/02/14, 4 months after the wreck. Nothing here resembles ongoing oil removal as proclaimed by Lance LeFleur, ADEM Director, on Dec.09, 2013.

At the South Providence Church Road, there was sheen visible and weathered oil in the wetland upstream from the road.
At the Railroad wreck site, I found some new boom had been installed but it was the same old inefficient white boom and oil screen. Much of it was already saturated.
As with any product, the efficiency is greatly diminished when it isn't installed and maintained properly. In this case, the oil screens were down, not properly secured, and not all inclusive of the site.

Much of the white boom was in similar condition with some of it completely saturated. Oil was weeping out of the ground on both sides of the tracks.

Some of the boom looked as if it had never been changed or removed. Much of it was completely saturated and sunken in the swamp. Once it has absorbed all it can, it should be removed and new product installed. If not, it just gives off the oil it absorbed back into the water. The sunken boom seen below has been there since the "cleanup" began 4 months ago.
Weathered oil was present in all areas. That indicates no oil removal for some time. According to Lance LeFleur, Director of ADEM (Alabama Dep. of Environmental Maniacs) in a letter to the ADEM Commission on Dec. 09, 2013.
"Aggressive recovery operations are ongoing".


  1. Heartbreaking, sickening, disgusting -- criminal!!

  2. PROOF that the regulatory agencies are inept to complete a cleanup of Bakken crude spills anywhere. The transport of oil by rail is MADNESS!! It's obvious the cleanup is a complete failure and has seriously caused the destruction of habitat.

  3. EcoTrocity. A crime against the sacred.

  4. Without a dedicated master plan that co-ordinates the renewal of infrastructure Nationwide and environmental protection , America is inevitably destined to become a dirty ditch....


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